Friday, 15 April 2016

Review on Warrior Combat Arms Hacks

Ok, heres the deal: Warrior Combat Arms Hacks is difrent from any other Bots out there. First of all you are in charge of what you want and do not want do.
What's the point of having a bot that will get your Combat arms account banned in a matter of days or even Hours !?
Warrior Combat arms hacks helps you to avoid loosing your account and thats what makes it the best bot so far, and we hope to keep it this way for years to come.

As you all can see the bot doesn't make you have 120 kills in a minute it just make it easier for you to find your enemy and snipe them from a far distance.

I understand the thrill you get when you're using other bots and killing with no limits bilieve me I do, I've lost 10's of accounts that way and it didn't last long.

Warrior Combat arms Hacks make your game much evolved and hman like so you don't get banned or kicked out of the game.
Hey you can even play against an elite moderator and he won't notice you.

I am not allowed to reveal much details about Warrior CA hacks but its really a whole diffrent level of hacking the online gaming.

The bes thing in all of this ; you can have your free version of Warriro Combat arms hacks now for FREE. But please before you get it promise me and your self that you would leave me a review of the Bot and tell us how we can do better, good or bad we will hear what you have to say.

If you have an option that we didn't think about and you want us to add it to the bot just let us know and if we can do it we will.

Ok, now the best part. Download Warrior Combat arms Hacks HERE and enjoy. Like I said promess you will leave a feed back on it.
Here's a video of the bot doing its magic :